Who is the tutor

The tutors are students and graduate students who help others enrolled in their college career, supporting the study and providing them with information.

How to become a tutor.

Teachers contact tutoring for the School of Science:

Prof. Giulia Marina Licini
Prof. Carlo Mariconda
Dott. Marcello Lunardon

Tutor projects

Being strengthened on the method of study

The course aims to help students to structure and strengthen its method of study in order to facilitate the path to college.

The course will be held in collaboration with the tutor of the SAP Service.
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Tutoring Information

For any advice relevant to the teaching and the course of study you can contact the tutor to the e-mail address: tutorjunior.scienze(at)

The information desk if you wish to receive information in person, is active appointment by e-mail or over the counter indicated for each degree course.

Please indicate how the subject of the email the name of your degree course: in this way the message will be immediately read by the tutor junior representative of the degree course specified.

Mentoring offers a service to all students, and particularly to those who are enrolled in the first year. The purpose is to provide a concrete support to students. The effectiveness of aid is that the tutor is finishing his studies in the same course of study and is therefore the best person to date in the areas of teaching and the organization of the department itself. The tutors are students of the master's degree, doctoral students and interns who are interested in maintaining a relationship with university life and offer to support the "new generation" that begin to delve into the intricacies of the academic world.


Tutoring Service organizes and coordinates a number of study groups to free access (with priority for freshmen), in which they can compare, exchange expertise and learn together with friends and classmates.