If you have an international entry qualification, please follow the instructions below.

If you have an Italian entry qualification, please refer to the Italian website

Italian-taught Master’s degree programmes with unlimited number of places

Step-by-step procedure

  1. Choose your Master’s degree programme in Italian and carefully check its entry requirements
  2. Prepare all required documents (in PDF format)
  3. Register on by clicking on “Become an applicant” and filling in the form.
  4. Use the applicant code you receive on your email account to “Sign In” and complete your application. Make sure you have filled in all the fields and uploaded all necessary documents before clicking on “Submit”.
    Please note that you can apply for up to 3 degree programmes. Do not register more than once by using different email addresses, otherwise your applications will be rejected!
  5. Pay the application fee (€30,00). The application fee is non-refundable. If you wish to apply for more than one programme, you need to pay the application fee for each of them. In order to to that, you will receive a link by email for each programme you have applied to (please follow the Guidelines below).
  1. Wait for the evaluation. Please note that your application is first checked by the International Office – Welcome Unit, and then evaluated by a dedicated Academic Committee.
  2. Offer Letter: if you have been selected, you will receive an Offer Letter from the International Office – Welcome Unit. The letter will contain information on the degree programme you have been admitted to. Should you have been admitted to the programme despite not having met all requirements at the time of application (e.g. Bachelor graduation for a Master application, etc.) you will receive a Conditional Offer Letter
  3. In order to complete your enrolment, follow the instructions provided in the How to enrol section.


First Call for applications (all degree programmes):

  • 7th January 2020 – 7th March 2020

Second Call for applications:

  • 7th April – 7th June (non-European candidates residing outside Italy)
  • 7th April – 7th July (European candidates or non-European candidates already residing in Italy)

Please note that some degree programmes may not open a second Call for applications: check for more information.

Required documents

When completing your online application, you will have to upload original colored scanned copy (PDF format) of the following documents:

  • Curriculum Vitae (Résumé) in Italian;
  • Motivational Letter(s) in Italian;
  • Academic Transcript of Records;
  • Academic title (if you have already graduated; otherwise, a certificate of enrolment or provisional diploma);
  • Valid ID (only for EU – or equivalent – applicants) or Passport;
  • Italian Residence permit (ONLY for non-EU applicants already residing in Italy);
  • English Language certificate or other language certifications (if required - check entry requirements for each programme);
  • Any other document required (check entry requirements for each programme);

NB: if you are admitted to the degree programme, you will have to submit bother documents including legalised copies of your previous qualification. No legalised documents will have to be submitted at application stage, but an English or Italian translation of your entry title should be uploaded as well.

Advise for applicants with special needs

Students with disability or specific learning disability (SLD) may contact the University Disability and Dyslexia Service to report any special needs they may have or to enquire about tuition fee reductions and services available for support in relation to class attendance.

Other Italian-taught degree programmes

When applying, you must follow the instructions and deadlines provided in the Call for Applications of your chosen degree programme. It will be published in May 2020.