Incoming students

Incoming Students

Incoming Students - School of Science (EN)

Relevant procedures

Erasmus+ for Studies & SEMP:

Bilateral Agreements:

Learning Agreement and Courses

Please check the below link where you can find the information about all the course units of the degree courses offered by the University of Padova (

Changes to your Learning Agreement

In order to get your "During the Mobility" LA approved, you need to fill in the "During the Mobility" section of the document.

When you have modified your LA, you need to contact your coordinator in Padova to get the signature (you can find the name of your coordinator on your "Before the mobility" LA).

Once it has been signed by the coordinator, you have to send it to erasmus.scienze(at)

Study Plan compilation

In order to sign up for exams successfully, you should fill in the Study Plan on your Uniweb account.

It is compulsory to fill in the online study plan before sitting the exams. If course units are not included in your Uniweb Booklet, you will not be able to sign up for exams and to record grades.

For detailed information concerning the procedure, please download the guide "Uniweb: how to fill in the Study Plan" below.  Please follow the instructions step by step in order to avoid any error.

Learning Italian

The CLA - Centro linguistico di Ateneo (University Language Centre) promotes, organises and offers a free 3 ECTS Italian language course for international students.

The course will be included in your Transcript of Records for 3 ECTS.

CLA offers biannual courses (starting in October and in March) to all exchange and double degree students.

The courses cover levels from A1 to C2 of the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

4 hours of lessons per week (2 hours twice a week), for a total of 40 hours in class.

Online registration is mandatory.

For all the relevant information:

Lesson timetable

At the following link you can find the Lessons timetable:

Key Academic Dates

Here you can find the key academic dates:

Desks and contacts

International Office - School of Science

Alessandra Miola

Via  G. Jappelli 1 (School of Science, 2nd floor)
Tel. +39 049 827 7578, Fax +39 049 827 5069
Public hours: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 10-13
E-mail: erasmus.scienze(at)

Department of Statistical Sciences

Alessandra Miola

Via C. Battisti, 241
Public hours: Thursday, 10-13
Phone and fax: +39 049 827 4118 - +39 049 827 4120
E-mail: erasmus(at)

International Office - Mobility Unit main desk:
Palazzo Bo
Via VIII Febbraio 1848, 2 - 35122 Padova
Phone and fax: +39 049 827 3061/3060 (Erasmus KA 103) - +39 049 827 3741 (Bilateral Agreements KA107)
E-mail: erasmus.incoming(at) (Erasmus KA103) - elisa.zambon(at) (Bilateral Agreements KA107)
Opening hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10 am-1 pm; Tuesday 10 am-1pm and 3pm-4.30 pm; Thursday 10 am-3 pm

International Office - SAOS Desk

Accommodation and canteens
SASSA Service – ESU Padova
via Tiepolo, 48 – 35129 PADOVA
Tel. +39 049 7927306
Fax +39 049 7800187
E-mail: sassa(at)
Opening hours: Monday – Thursday, from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and from 3:00 to 6:00 pm Friday, from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Department Erasmus Coordinators

Department of Biology (course of Natural Sciences)
Prof. Massimo De Marchi
tel. 049.8275454

Department of Biology
Prof. Mauro Agostino Zordan
tel. 049.8276211

Department of Physics and Astronomy
Prof. Luca Dell'Anna
tel. 049.8277106

Department of Physics and Astronomy
Prof. Giovanni Mattei
tel. 049.8277045

Department of Physics and Astronomy
Prof. Paolo Ronchese
tel. 049.8277050

Department of Geosciences
Dott.ssa Lara Maritan
tel. 049.8279143

Department of Mathematics
Prof. Maurizio Candilera
tel. 049.8271430

Department of Mathematics
Prof. Gilberto Filè
tel. 049.8271489

Department of Chemical Sciences
Prof. Andrea Biffis
tel. 049.8275216

Department of Statistical Sciences
Prof.ssa Francesca Bassi
tel. 049.8274152

Erasmus Association of Padua - AEP / ESN Padova

Galleria Tito Livio 7 - 35123 Padova
Tel. 049/8273911
E-mail: esnpadova(at)
Sito web: