Natural Sciences

The Bachelor degree in Natural Sciences provides a unique path which provides a solid foundation in the natural sciences.  Students can also personalize their studies by using 12 credits to expand the scope of their interests in nature.

Teaching Methods

The lectures will be accompanied by numerous exercises both in the laboratory and in the field, in order to acquire the tools to study the organisms and phenomena in their natural environment.

The degree in Natural Sciences aims to train people in the basic skills required in order to participate, even without technical-operational and professional skills, in various forms of intervention on the environment, such as the study, preservation, and restoration of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, also in the centers inhabited. The degree will complete your training addressing professionally the analysis and management of the natural environment or to the natural dissemination and formation. The work of the Natural Science graduate will also take place in parks and nature reserves; scientific museums and teaching centers, in order to reconstruct the history of environments of the past and the relationship between man and nature.

The Natural Science degrees are different from others because they deal with the study of the natural world with a comprehensive view of all its components: minerals and rocks, plant and animal life, including humans. The subjects are taught using very direct experience in biological or geological laboratories and numerous field trips.

From Bachelor to Master

 After the Bachelor degree, Natural Science students can continue with:

-          2nd level degree in Science of Nature

-          Master’s Degree

-          PhDs

Career Opportunities

Graduates can find employment as a technician, a park or natural oasis guide, in a nature museum, botanical garden, aquarium, or planetarium, or at public and private agencies. They can also work with scientific publications, independently, or in centers of education (parks, museums or newspapers). If you want to continue your studies, you can follow a master application, specialized schools for teaching or a PhD.

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