Geological Sciences

Geological Sciences students will study the chemical, physical, biological and geological processes that have determined and will determine over time the superficial and deep evolution of the planet Earth. This knowledge will allow you to use the scientific method with a broad spectrum of issues ranging from the procurement of raw materials and energy sources and the management of the environment and its resources. You will also have the expertise to confront the interdisciplinary problems related to major natural risks (hydro-geological, volcanic and seismic).

Teaching Methods

The lectures and exercises will be supported by experiences in teaching laboratories and scientific facilities as well as an intense activity on the environment, with stays at University facilities.

You will be followed by a tutoring service that will facilitate the attainment of the degree in three years.

From Bachelor to Master

After the Bachelor degree, Geological Science students can continue with:

-          The Master's degree in Geology and Technical Geology and with the Doctoral School of Earth Sciences and with a specialist Masters.

Career Opportunities

Graduates in Geological Science can find employment in technical departments of many places, including State agencies (eg. Geological, ENI), as well as in private industry (environmental protection, road construction and infrastructure projects, mining). Graduates are able to practice the profession prior to obtaining the Order of Geologists.

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