Environmental Science and Technology

STAm is a new undergraduate program which will prepare you with theory and practice. Students will study in detail the living, the world around them, and the effects of human activity and their economic consequences. STAm will provide solid scientific knowledge and will teach you to use the scientific method to address the major themes of ecology, earth science, environmental microbiology, environmental chemistry, analysis of the environment, production systems, and  environmental economics.

This degree is offered on the campuses of Padua and Agripolis (Legnaro). Classes are accompanied by exercises, field studies, and internships.

From Bachelor to Master

After the Bachelor degree, STAm students can continue with:

-          2nd level degree in Science and Technology for the Environment and Territory

-          Courses Master of renovation specialist

Career Opportunities

Our graduates conduct surveys in ecosystems, monitor and control of natural resources, and the definition of eco-compatibility of uses. There are careers available in both public and private companies. The career opportunities therefore include departments for the environment and the United States Environmental Protection Agency, public and private research laboratories, service companies, and all the companies that interact with the environment.

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