Materials Science

This degree program is designed to provide the knowledge necessary to become an expert in innovative and advanced materials. The course is interdisciplinary and located halfway between physics and chemistry. Graduates in materials science will have the knowledge and flexibility to be able to handle the materials used in future technologies.

Subjects of Study

Fundamentals of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry necessary for a description of the structural and electronic properties of solid matter. It will also introduce the fundamentals of Computer Science and Numerical Calculations. The main subjects of study include Crystallography, Chemistry and Solid State Physics and Surfaces, Methodologies for the Preparation and Characterization of Materials.

The competence and motivation of the teaching staff guarantees high efficiency in training.

Teaching Methods

-          Lectures and classroom exercises

-          Laboratory exercises during which you will have the possibility to use advanced equipment

-          Internships in research laboratories

You will be supported by a tutor who will help you optimize your curriculum.

From Bachelor to Master

After the Bachelor degree, optics and optometry students can continue with:

-          2nd level degree in Materials Science

-          Doctoral School of Science and Engineering of Materials

-          Specialist Masters

Career Opportunities

The degree gives access to employment as an expert in materials in order to produce high-tech electronics (development of new materials, analysis, control and certification of materials). Those who complete the course of study with the master's degree can obtain management positions in companies. With a doctorate, graduates can get work in research centers such as CNR, INFM, INFN, ENEA and districts of nanotechnology.

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