Optics and Optometry

 The Optics and Optometry degree provides a general education in physics with particular reference to optics, interaction of light and matter, and the optical properties of materials. Students will learn to use mathematical methods and computer programs. Students will also acquire further expertise in optics and optometry, practical skills with particular regard to the use of instrumentation and optical systems, bio-medical knowledge based on the use of tools for the measurement and correction of defects in refractive vision.

Subjects of Study

Fundamentals of Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry, along with Bio-Medical materials (Anatomy, Biology, Physiology, Pathology, Preventive Medicine) and techniques (Optometry and contact lenses). Computer Science and English complete the educational background.

Teaching Methods

-          Lectures and classroom exercises

-          Laboratories of physics and computer science

-          Vocational laboratories in optics, optometry and contact lenses

Career Opportunities

Graduates will have the possibility of entering into large optical industries as well as small and medium-sized enterprises producing or marketing articles and technical instruments for the optical-visual sector.

The tasks that you can perform are:

-          In the industrial sector as a researcher in charge of process control and quality control (optical instruments, manufacture of ophthalmic lenses and contact);

-          In the commercial sector as an assistant to the development of products to the customer, after-sales service, market development and application of products and optical instruments;

In the professional field as an entrepreneur, freelancer, professional technical optical companies or public bodies.

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