Subjects of Study

Algebra, Calculus (real and complex), Geometry, Mathematical Physics, Probability, Statistics, and Numerical Analysis. The fundamental subjects of Physics and Programming (Computer Science) are also taught. In the third year you can focus your course of study in general, methodological, or educational application.

Teaching Methods

The course of study provides an opportunity to build a solid foundation in research in Mathematics in contact with leading research centers in the world and be able to contribute to disseminating the results achieved in the long process of development of this science.

From Bachelor to Master

After the Bachelor degree, mathematics students can continue with:

-          2nd level degree in Mathematics with international routes (AlGaNT) that let you receive the title also by foreign universities consortium

-          Graduate School in Mathematics

-          Enabling internships for teaching (TFA)

-          Specialist Masters courses

Career Opportunities

With the Bachelor's degree in Mathematics you can continue study or enter the working world, offering a large capacity to adapt to innovations.

Graduates in Mathematics are able to collaborate with experts from other areas, recognize the opportunity to formalize mathematically industrial or financial situations of interest, and formulate the appropriate mathematical models to support activities in several areas.

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