Industrial Chemistry

The Industrial Chemistry degree strives to provide a solid basic knowledge in different fields of modern chemistry; to train professionals capable of meeting the needs of the modern business world, in the production, safety and prevention, and quality certification.

Subjects of Study

In addition to a good foundation in mathematics, physics, and computer science, different areas of chemistry will be taught, including: Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and vocational areas: Industrial Chemistry, Chemical plants, economy and organization.

Teaching Methods

The educational activities, with a very good student/teacher relationship, provide theoretical teaching in the classroom, accompanied by exercises that help to deepen and apply the theoretical concepts. There is also significant laboratory activity in different areas of chemistry.

Students will have access to the computer lab and the library of the chemistry department as well as the research laboratories of the Department of Chemical Sciences where they will have to opportunity to use the most advanced and sophisticated survey techniques.

From Bachelor to Master

After the Bachelor degree, industrial chemistry students can continue with:

-          A 2nd level degree in Industrial Chemistry

-          Graduate School in Molecular Sciences

-          A Specialist Master’s Degree

Career Opportunities

-          Manufacturing, Product development, Analysis & Control, and Technical-Commercial work in Industries of various types (chemical, pharmaceutical, paper, food processing, mechanical components, electroplating, etc.)

-          Chemical, Clinical, and Environmental Analysis Laboratories

-          Industrial and Environmental Consultation

Consulting Firms and Certification of Quality

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