The Biology degree confronts the study of biology by focusing on prevalent organisms and ecosystems, including the molecular and cellular aspects. Students learn tools for communication and management of information, supported by theory and hands-on activities (workshops, tours, seminars, excursions).

Subjects of Study

Comparative anatomy, reproductive biology and development, evolutionary biology, cell biology, biochemistry, molecular biology, botany, chemistry, ecology, physics, physiology, genetics, bioinformatics and computer science, foreign language, mathematics, statistics, zoology.

Teaching Methods

Lectures are generally accompanied by laboratory exercises.

Career Opportunities

The Bachelor degree is ideal for people wishing to continue their studies with a Master of Science in biology. However, the graduate can also enroll (after passing the state exam) at Albo as a section B biologist, under the professional title of junior biologist, and can act as a technical expert in research institutions, industries of the biological sector, museums, provincial enterprises for environmental protection, Arpav, aquaculture, ecological and food companies, parks and nature reserves, fish products, animal feed mills, and perform environmental impact assessments.

From Bachelor to Master

The degree gives direct access to Evolutionary Biology and Marine Biology courses in the Master degree.

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