Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden of Padua is the oldest in the world, the foundation is documented from 1545 and it is notable that, from the beginning, the location remained the one set originally. It was initially set up for the cultivation and study of medicinal plants, in close connection with his studies in the university.

The creation of the garden was in fact the result of centuries of studies and experiments by scientists around the world. The first news is that we Theophrastus, a botanist of the fourth century BC, Aristotle's disciple and author of "Historia plantarum" written probably along with some students.

If in medieval scholars they continued to be greatly influenced by prior knowledge and religious context, the new mentality acquired during the Renaissance, the experiments by scientists mainly German, Dutch and English and plants brought to Europe as a result of new discoveries geographical, they led to rapid and constant development of science, of which it has concrete documentation in the library attached to the vegetable.

Over the centuries, the exchange of information with the most prestigious institutions in the world has become constant, and the tradition continues, maintaining the Botanical Garden at the forefront in relation to other scientific institutions of international repute. The wealth of knowledge acquired over the centuries has been recognized worldwide in 1997 when the Botanical Garden was included in the World Heritage List drawn up by UNESCO.

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