Individual Courses

The University offers the opportunity to attend individual courses offered at their degree courses or master. After lessons, you can take the exam and get a certificate of the activity. The credits earned will be recognized and validated in the case of registering after a course of studies of the University.

They can join all those who are not currently students at the University of Padua, regardless of educational qualifications.

A.A. 2015/2016 - REGISTRATION

For degree programs, enrollment in individual courses must be made by delivering the form to the Student Secretariat, two passport photos and a photocopy of identification. You can sign up for one or more courses, up to a maximum of four: any exams more can not be registered and certified.
Once we had the notification of the application by the Students' Secretariat, it will be delivered also the receipt of payment of the registration fee.


DEADLINES - A.A. 2015/2016

The deadlines for submission of the application for the degree programs of the School of Sciences (except Statistics) are:

Semestral Order

  • from September 7 to 9 October 2015 for the first half;
  • from 1 February to 26 February 2016 for the second half.

Instead, for the degree courses in Statistics, the deadlines of the application are:

Semestral Order

  • from 7 September to 30 October 2015 for the first half;
  • from 1 February to 1 April 2016 for the second half.

The relevant tests must be supported and formally recorded by the academic year of enrollment.


The full and detailed information on all the teachings of the courses of Bachelor and Master's degree from the School of Sciences, with an indication of whether the teaching is accessible as a single course or not, or whether there are limitations is given in 2 rows below reported:

  •     Single courses Degrees three-year School of Science
  •     Single courses Master's programs School of Science

There are three possible situations, with regard to the acceptance of applications for enrollment in individual courses:

  • For the three-year university degree and Master's programs in Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Physics, Materials Science, Geology and three-year university degree in Science and Technology for the Environment and Natural Sciences, the Office of Admissions will send requests to the Board of Study Course judge whether or not to accept the application.
  • For the courses of study of the area of ??Statistics, for degrees and master degrees in Astronomy, Computer Science, Mathematics and for the Degree in Sciences of Nature you are accepted all applications for enrollment in individual courses, with no restrictions on the number of places available.
  • As for the three-year university degree in Biology, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Optics and Optometry and Master's programs in Evolutionary Biology, Marine Biology, Molecular Biology, Biology Health and Industrial Biotechnology, will apply the following criteria for the selection of applications related to teaching with limited number of places, if their number exceeds the available places:
  1. The date of submission of the application;
  2. Possession of a three-year degree;
  3. The vote of three-year degree;
  4. In the absence of a three-year degree, the vote of the title of maturity.

In the case of applications submitted on the same day, it will be used to discriminate criterion 2).
In the case of applications submitted on the same day from candidates who have a three-year degree, will apply the criterion 3).
In the case of applications from candidates who do not have an undergraduate program will apply the criterion 4.
The only exception is for the three year degree course in Biotechnology, which intends to apply only the criteria 1), 2) and 4).

IMPORTANT: ONLY FOR THE DEGREE GIVEN IN THIRD POSITION (three-year degrees in Biology, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Optics and Optometry and Master's programs in Evolutionary Biology, Marine Biology, Molecular Biology, Biology Health and Industrial Biotechnology), CAN NOT FORM 'BE SHIPPED, BUT MUST BE DELIVERED IN PERSON TO STUDENTS SECRETARIAT, WHY' THE FIRST SELECTION CRITERIA AND 'OWN THE DATE OF PRESENTATION.


For the academic year 2015-2016 the contribution varies from 182.50 to 656.50 €, depending on how many courses you want to follow. The payment is the same for everyone and should be done in a single solution, which received should be submitted together with the application form. It can be made at any branch of the Savings Bank of the Veneto - Intesa Sanpaolo Group (no commission) or at another bank (with bank fees paid by the student).


Fills the forms on screen: clicking on the title of the file for the application form for individual training activities open to video a fillable form in Acrobat PDF format, with which it must interact to enter the required data. These data must then be entered on the screen and not in ink when printed form; compilation screen also allows you to edit them repeatedly.
Only insertion completed, the form must be printed and duly signed, delivered to the offices of the Student.